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Many users continually use their paid-for computer with their recurring internet costs to find ways to make some of that (or dare we say, make a profit) back.

One of the newer ways is image hosting from companies who pay YOU to host YOUR images on their web site. That’s right, due to some extraordinary sponsorships these web sites have, they can pay for their storage and bandwidth while at the same time, pay the users who uploaded the images.

Is this the new era of making money online? Nay. I have a huge collection of pictures I can upload, do you think it’ll be enough? Nay.


ImageCash started this revolution and has since taken on a huge name for itself. Their servers are extremely fast considering the amounts of traffic they receive and the popup advertising is at a minimum. You may wish to use your advertisement blockers, though, as they have a fair number of those.

At first ImageCash would convert your image views to cash every 24 hours and show your pending earnings in your member account. Over the past month and a half, now going on two months, ImageCash has been suffering due to sponsors dropping them in the middle of the month leaving one hefty bandwidth bill for ImageCash and a sad image view-to-dollar converstion ratio for the image uploaders.

We are lucky if ImageCash converts our Free image host views to money every two weeks. This makes it difficult for those with high traffic web sites sending in massive traffic and not knowing for a few weeks what the converstion will be like.

ImageCash pays 66 percent of the daily (weekly/biweekly) profit after server expenses which can be mediocre or it can be devistatingly low.

For the month of May, 2006 I accumulated 138,000 unique image views and received $1.30 for it. Most of these were users directed from my high-traffic teen picture portal and as you can see, even with a successful site, it would be extremely difficult to make more than a few dollars a day.


ImageFap is copy of ImageCash, they even decided to make a near duplicate of ImageCash’s template.

Their servers are extremely slow and numerous outages throughout the day occur leaving the site inoperable during these periods of time. They use nasty advertisers which can sometimes popop on even the most stubborn popup blockers. The ads can be really overwhelming at times making it more work than it’s worth.

Their current image view conversion ratio is approximately $1 per 5,550 image views. This is much higher than ImageCash and you only receive this ratio if most of your traffic is U.S. or Western Europe visitors.

With the higher payout ratio, one might expect this is the better place to put your images up and make a few dollars. Unfortunately, due to the extremely slow servers and daily outtages, most visitors won’t surf past the second or third image.

Traffic Chart:


I used 5 image galleries containing the same number of images on both image host providers for the same duration of time.

Provider Time Views Pay

ImageCash 2 hours 18,215 ?

ImageFap 2 hours 137 $.02

ImageCash 1 day 123,448 ?

ImageFap 1 day 14,52 $.27

From the chart above, you can see ImageCash is a lot easier and faster for visitors to use which makes it so much easier to bank image views. Even though the payout ratio isn’t defined, the money making opportunities are far better with ImageCash.

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