Our Fascination With Celebrities

like our fascination in looking an ant (or the whole anthill for that count number) squirm whilst we angle the magnifying glass just so at the solar, so too is going our fascination with celebrity. as the state-of-the-art installment of american idol shows, the common man just wants to be acknowledged and what higher manner than becoming a ‘superstar’. a whole lot of us dream of it, only a few people obtain it and for the ones lucky (or unfortunate relying in your attitude) to be underneath the magnifying glass of movie star the rewards appear to be superb.

no longer having ever been a celeb myself, although i am extremely of a ‘large cheese’ in my domestic metropolis (smugly buffs nails on shirt), i must say that being a celebrity doesn’t appear all horrific. i would take the money and the present baggage and the unfastened matters and umm did i say money? … yeah, i’d greatly experience the perks of ‘celebrityhood’ (or is it celebritydom?) any day but how a lot of us should live up to that scrutiny?

to have your each flow recorded, your relationships scrutinized, your smallest slip-up or shortcoming discussed by hundreds of thousands (for those folks with huge families we already get a flavor of this … thanks mother!). Rasheeda Frost Dresses To Impress While Showing Off Fresh Merch From Her Pressed Boutique now i recognise some of you’re questioning the money and perks would balance this out but consider the freedom of anonymity you’ve got now, you can pick your nostril in public if you need to, you may get a few stares however ‘the occasion’ will now not be recorded and picked over (pun intended, ha!) for time immemorial.

but why are we so interested? does our fascination assist us to feel higher about ourselves? or is it sparked with the aid of envy? for anything motives celeb information and gossip is huge enterprise and with the modern-day information being available at our fingertips everybody and their grandmothers has a blog approximately one celebrity or different. lots of us comfortably denounce gossiping in our day by day lives but feed our guilty pride by using logging on to the brand new ‘maximum hated celebrity’ blogs to peer the ultra-modern snide feedback about this or that man or woman.

our celebrities have emerge as like that poor fried ant. we sense superior as we take a seat at our desks and appearance with pity or scorn on the modern younger celeb to come to be in prison or overlook their panties or fall flat on their face drunk. but regrettably fame and celebrity are synonymous and as newton said for every movement there may be an identical and opposite response so too the money and perks reason curiosity and the paparazzi. now … because it’s been greater than an hour on account that i checked that blog, i’m now off to see what britney is as much as.

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