The Top 5 Mango Varieties

1. Alphonso

The Alphonso mango (or Alphonse mango) is regarded as the King of mangoes and is one of the most sought after varieties all over the world. This cultivar originates in Goa in India.

The Alphonso is a rich gold when ripe and is usually about 10 ounces. This mango has an intense, fruity, pleasing aroma. The flesh is soft, yielding and full of juice. The Alphonso has much less fiber than other varieties which gives an irresistible melt-in-your-mouth texture. The flavor is without comparison; a punchy, unmistakable hit of مانجا Solo Leveling with a deep undercurrent of intense tropical sweetness and just a hint of orange zest in the background.

In Europe and the US, supplies of the Alphonso are typically very limited and run out quickly. This mango is at its best in June, July and August.

2. Kent

The best-tasting American mango, Kents are large and sweet.

Kent mangoes commonly grow up to 25 or 30 ounces. Their thick skin has a deep red tint when ripe. The flesh is golden and very soft. Although slightly less aromatic than other varieties, the flavor of Kent mangoes is extremely sweet with very little acid. Kents are at their best just before full ripeness, to prevent them becoming too soft.

This mango is available through July and August.

3. Keitt

The Keitt is a good, robust all-round mango that is available late into the year.

The skin of the ripe mango is green, sometimes with a pink or red tint. The Keitt is a very large mango, often 24 ounces or more. The flesh is quite firm with a little noticeable fiber. The taste is well balanced between sweet and sour, and is a typical mango flavor which all mango fans are likely to enjoy.

Keitts are widely available through July, August and October, or even into November.

4. Carrie

The Carrie grows from a dwarf mango tree, so it very popular for growing at home. A Carrie tree in a large container can do very well on a balcony or in a small yard for people lucky enough to live in the appropriate climate. The tree has excellent disease resistance.

The Carrie mango grows from 8 to 12 ounces and is green-to-yellow when ripe. The flesh is extremely soft-perhaps the softest of any mango we’ve tried-and bruises very easily. The aroma and flavor of the Carries is where it really excels; extraordinary exotic intensity with a bold, brash citrus tang. The only reason the Carrie doesn’t come higher in our list is that the flavor is so intense that it turns some people off. If you’ve only ever had generic store-bought mangoes before, you may be unprepared for the heady, almost spicy zing of this variety. But for those who’ve acquired a taste for it, the Carrie is without doubt one of the most delicious mangoes out there.

The Carrie is available from June to August.

5. Valencia Pride

Another US favorite, the Valencia Pride is a large mango with a tangy flavor.

Valencias are very large, commonly reaching 30 ounces. When ripe, the skin is deep yellow with a red blush. The flesh has little fiber but is still quite firm. Valencia Pride mangoes have a sharp, citrus aroma and the flesh is less sweet than many varieties.


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